Magnificent Mellow Kit

This kit of a hose holder shaped as a claw in solid brass with chrome plating with our coloured garden hose in Purple Rain is like music to our ears. Spread your wings and dare to be bold with this fabulous set. This combination has fittings and a spray nozzle in the same material as the claw to finish this masterpiece off. Comes with three different fittings, for Scandinavia, for US faucets and for the rest of the world taps (3/4″). This means our fittings works worldwide.

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Magnificent Mellow Kit

This precious piece of claw shaped hose holder is made of sand molded solid brass with chrome plating. It is extravagant but still so close to nature, we all love birds in the garden, don’t we?


The Purple Rain garden hose has a soft, warm and dusty purple shade. Our hose has a knitting reinforcement around the inner tube which makes the hose pliable and non-kinking. The plastic surface is dirt-repellent and UV-protected to prevent bleaching from sun exposure, so your garden hose will keep its perfect color for years and years. All hoses are made of PVC and free from lead, cadmium and phthalates. The roses will sing while the hose is spoiling them with lots of clean water. The water hose comes in 20 meter / 65 feet, If you need longer, easy – just buy an additional one. We provide you the extension connector for free. The Silver Bullet nozzle is also made of brass with a chrome plating in Sweden. Choose between jet, soft shower and mist when watering.


The Claw wall mount
Height: 20 cm / 8 inches
Width: 16 cm / 6,5 inches
Depth: 21 cm / 8 inches
Weight: 3 kilos/ 6,6 pounds
5-year warranty

The Garden Hose
Length: 20 meters / 65 feet
Dimension: 1/2″
Weight: 4 kilos / 8,8 pounds
10-year warranty

The nozzle
The Silver Bullet nozzle set includes two nozzles/fittings, one for the male end of the garden hose and one for the female end. The nozzle set includes all connectors needed to irrigate efficiently and elegantly worldwide.