White Snake hose holder

A rule breaker sometimes need a place to rest – here to keep an eye on the White Snake Garden Hose – a holder that lives up to the hose’s bold reputation. This holder is the perfect piece to keep your sleek hose in place while doing other gardening work. Apart from that, there is not much that can restrain this bad boy.

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The White Snake Wall Mount

Exquisite and solid, the Classic hose holder come in a range of colors to make sure your house looks its best. All our hose holders can easily carry up to 40 meter hose.


Our graceful Classic wall mounts are made of iron and aluminum. They have been powder coated and serve as the icing on the cake when mounted on the facade of the house. A decorative garden hose holder that withstand sun exposure and tough weather conditions.


Height: 24 cm / 9,5 inches
Width: 32 cm / 13 inches
Depth: 12 cm / 4,7 inches
Weight: 0,5 kilos / 1,1 pounds

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