Majestic Moonstone Pot black

Designed for those who seek bold distinction, the Black Majestic Moonstone Pot is more than a planter; it’s an artistic declaration. Drawing inspiration from the moon’s mystique, this pot exudes cosmic charisma in any setting. Built to endure the elements, its robust construction with fiberglass ensures resilience to temperature changes, making it a stellar choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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The Black Majestic Moonstone pot

Embrace the allure of the night with the Black Majestic Moonstone Pot – where sophistication meets celestial chic.


This majestic and rustic concrete pot will withstand temperature changes due to its fiber glass interior and demands attention both indoors and outdoors.


Height: 55 cm / 22 inches
Width: 54 cm / 21 inches
Bottom diameter: 26 cm / 10 inches
Top diameter: 37,5 cm / 15 inches
Weight: 19 kilos / 42 pounds

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