Monkey Face Pot Black Big

There’s a new sheriff in town! This pot exudes attitude, confidence and is definitely what we call a true piece of art. The chimpanzee officer keeps your style in tact. Made entirely of terracotta with stylish attributes such as a cap and gold tooth – this is a character that you want to show off.

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The Monkey Face Pot Black Big

There is a new sheriff in town! This pot is definitely what we call a piece of art.


This sculpture like “chimpanzee-officer” is made entirely of terracotta and painted with black terracotta paint. The twisted gold cord in the cap and the brass buttons that keep th record in place are an elegant touch. The icing on the cake is the brass canine tooth.
The pot comes with a stylish bag containing a brush and black paint to improve the finish if necessary as the years go by.
For even more long lasting nice finish, use an inner pot to avoid the soil and water damaging it.


External dimensions 40×30 cm / 16×12 inches
Internal dimensions: 25 cm / 9,8 inches
Weight: 12 kilos

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