Flower Frog Eucalyptus Medium

Turn cut flowers into head-turners with these Kenzan Ikebana Flower frogs. Originally used in ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, flower frogs – or “kenzan” meaning “sword mountain” – offer a mountain of spikes to anchor your flowers to, allowing single stems to take center-stage while ensuring eye-catching and perfectly precise arrangements every time. The spikes naturally open the stems of the flowers, allowing them to absorb more water and thus last longer. Give your florals the kiss of life with these reusable flower frogs and turn your posies into princes.


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Kenzan Ikebana Flower Frog – Eucalyptus Medium


Brighten up your cut flowers with these Kenzan Ikebana Flower frogs. Made of high-quality brass spikes on a metal base, these spiky kenzan will secure even the most wayward flower, ensuring all your displays can be more precise and creative than ever before. Available in three sizes to suit all arrangements and vases.


Diameter: 1.97 inches

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