The Maxi & Midi Eucalyptus Kit

A joy that is shared is a joy made double!
This kit of a 4 and 8 liter watering can in soft green is perfect for watering big plants and small flowers,
or why not give it as a gift for the next baby shower.
Either way, This duo will be the centerpiece of your garden .    

$ 149


Delivery End of July, Pre-order yours now.

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The Maxi & Midi Eucalyptus Kit

The beautiful diamond watering cans in 4 and 8 liters will be the crown jewel of any garden. Match your garden with this double duo, so all the plants gets the love it deserves. Perfect for both indoor oasis and outdoor patio.


This exquisitely diamond shaped plastic watering cans in sage green holds up to 4 and 8 liters of water and is extremely durable. Made and designed in Sweden. No more rusting or heavy cans…
It’s made of recyclable HDPE plastic and of course free from lead, cadmium and phthalates.

Size Watering Can (Large)

Height: 40 cm / 15,7 inches
Width incl. spout: 52 cm / 20,5 inches
Volume: 8 liters / 2 gallon

Size Watering Can (Small)

Height: 32 cm / 12,6 inches
Width incl. spout: 42 cm / 16,5 inches
Volume: 4 liters / 1 gallon

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