Watering Can Sand – 8 L

An elegant jewel in the desert, this beige Watering Can holds enough water to revive desert roses and towering grasses. Plus it´s the ideal match to our Sahara Desert Hose Kit. Designed and made in Sweden.

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The Sand Watering Can (Large)


The beautiful diamond watering can will be the crown jewel of any garden. Either as a stand-alone centerpiece, or as the one object that ties the garden together.


This exquisitely diamond shaped plastic watering can in soft warm beige holds up to 8 liters of water and is extremely durable. Made and designed in Sweden. No more rusting or heavy cans…


Height: 40 cm/15,7 inches
Width incl. spout: 52 cm/20,5 inches
Volume: 8 liters/2.0 gallon

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