Black Lion Pot Big

Hear me roar. Let it be heard who’s the boss of the house. This guardian lion pot, is just as majestic indoors as outside in your garden keeping your home safe and sound. A designer flower pot in matte black finish made of terracotta and the detail of an ear piercing made of brass, this lion planter exudes confidence and drama. Why be boring when you can be fierce?

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The Black Lion Pot Big

This guardian lion planter is certainly a statement piece and it looks just as good inside your house as in your garden. Our designer flower pots are made of terracotta and comes in black and white.


The unique, sculpture-like flower pot in a black matte finish features an ear piercing made of brass with the Garden Glory logo on it.
The lion head planter comes with a stylish bag containing a brush and black paint to improve the finish if necessary as the years go by.
For even more long lasting nice finish, use an inner pot to avoid the soil and water damaging it.


External dimensions 40×30 cm / 16 x 12 inches
Internal dimensions: 25 cm / 10 inches
Weight: 12 kilos / 26,5 pounds

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